Does under eye balm work?

What are the ingredients in an under-eye balm? The under-eye balm has a rich blend of natural extracts and oils. These natural ingredients help prevent wrinkles, prevent the appearance of fine lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

This product is made from the following natural ingredients: Green Tea Extract: Has antioxidant properties and helps to boost the immune system. Chamomile Oil:

Helps to relieve stress, relax and calm the mind. EYE BALM Cucumber Extract: Contains Vitamin C which has antioxidant properties and helps protect against free radicals.

Rosehip Seed Oil: Rich in Vitamin A, E, and B complex which are all essential for skin health and beauty. The product is also fortified with vitamin C and zinc to help protect against signs of aging.

What are the benefits of using an under-eye balm? This product can be used as a treatment for the eyes and night cream. It can be applied at night or in the morning before makeup.


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