The Amaryllis: Facts and Information

The Amaryllis: Facts and Information

These giant Amaryllis flowers are always ready to shine in the spotlight and take center stage. In the United States, Amaryllis flowers are must-haves during the winter holidays. Our extra-large florist delivery KL Giant Amaryllis bulbs don’t need much attention, but they can produce several stunning flowers. They look lovely displayed on the mantle or table, and they also make excellent presents. You might not know these interesting things about the Amaryllis flower:

  • When given the correct conditions, an Amaryllis plant has a life expectancy of 75 years.
  • Amaryllis comes from the Greek (amaryllis), which means “to shine.” Hippeastrum, from the Greek for “horse” and “star,” was the genus into which it was moved in the 1800s.
  • The Greek myth of Amaryllis tells of a young woman whose broken heart caused crimson flowers to bloom along her route. The guy she loved became enamored with the blossoms, and her broken heart began to mend as a result.
  • More than ten million Amaryllis bulbs enter the United States annually as imports. The Amaryllis flowers we sell at WhiteOnWhite come from Peru.
  • The “mother” bulbs of an Amaryllis plant will generate “daughter” bulbs that will go on to replicate the species.

Maintain Amaryllis Flowers Throughout the Cold Season

The popularity of amaryllis flowers is here to stay. Amaryllis plants are a great way to bring holiday cheer into your house and keep on giving all through the cold season.

Did you realize that by planting amaryllis flowers from both the north and south hemispheres, you can ensure a persistent bloom that will enrich the landscape (and mood) during the winter months?

WhiteOnWhite, an importer of amaryllis bulbs from Peru, is a great place to start decorating for the holidays. While fall is approaching in the United States, spring has sprung in the continent of South America, and these bulbs can’t wait to open their petals. Purchase now for December and January flower delivery. Our Amaryllis bulbs are sold in Costco and other national retailers. Find out where we are and if they have WhiteOnWhite by calling the number provided on our Where to find us page.

You can either replant these amaryllis bulbs for next year or seek out a different kind of amaryllis bulb that thrives in the northern part of the globe if you want additional Amaryllis flowers to bloom in the future. Hemispheres in the north The Netherlands, from which we also import tulip bulbs, is also a common source for Amaryllis bulbs marketed in the United States. These bulbs naturally bloom later in the winter, between January and March. You can order birthday flowers from WhiteOnWhite site.

Although it is difficult to forecast when these blossoms will open, you can ensure winter-long blooming by planting many distinct types between November and February, with each set to mature at a 3- and 4-week interval. Doing so ensures that there will always be flowers available.


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