How to Become an Entertainment Business Manager Like David Bolno

In the intricate world of entertainment, where creativity converges with commerce, the role of an adept business manager is pivotal. David Bolno, a seasoned figure in Hollywood renowned for his managerial prowess, provides inspiration for aspiring individuals looking to make their mark in the dynamic realm of entertainment business management. Here’s a guide on how to embark on a journey to become an Entertainment Business Manager, drawing insights from the exemplary career of David Bolno.

1. Understand the Landscape

Prior to venturing into the responsibilities of an entertainment business manager, it’s essential to comprehend the complexities of the industry. Acquaint yourself with the diverse realms, spanning from cinema and television to the music industry and talent representation. David Bolno’s professional journey underscores a comprehensive grasp of the entertainment terrain, underscoring the importance of a well-rounded viewpoint.

2. Educational Foundation

Building a strong educational foundation is key. Pursue relevant degrees in business management, entertainment law, or a related field. David Bolno’s background includes a Juris Doctor degree, highlighting the importance of legal knowledge in navigating the complex contracts and negotiations prevalent in the entertainment industry.

3. Networking and Relationship Building

Forge connections within the industry. Attend industry events, build relationships with professionals, and seek mentorship opportunities. David Bolno’s career trajectory underscores the significance of networking. Establishing meaningful connections can open doors to valuable insights and opportunities.

4. Internships and Entry-Level Positions

Gain hands-on experience through internships or entry-level positions. Working in different capacities within the entertainment industry provides a holistic understanding of its inner workings. Bolno’s journey includes diverse roles, showcasing the benefits of a well-rounded skill set.

5. Develop Strong Communication Skills

Effective communication is paramount for an entertainment business manager. Develop excellent verbal and written communication skills. The ability to articulate ideas, negotiate contracts, and liaise with diverse stakeholders is essential, mirroring Bolno’s proficiency in managing communication channels.

6. Stay Informed about Industry Trends

In the dynamic realm of entertainment, continuous evolution is the norm. Keep yourself updated on the latest trends, emerging technologies, and shifts within the industry. Bolno’s achievements are, in some measure, linked to his skill in navigating the shifting landscape, emphasizing the crucial need to remain well-informed about ongoing industry advancements.

7. Cultivate Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a fundamental aspect of entertainment business management. Bolno’s career reflects adept negotiation skills in brokering deals and navigating contractual agreements. Developing a keen sense of negotiation is crucial for success in this role.

8. Embrace a Client-Centric Approach

An effective entertainment business manager places the needs and aspirations of their clients at the forefront. Bolno’s client-centric approach is evident in his successful management of talent. Prioritize the well-being and success of your clients to foster enduring professional relationships.

9. Ethical and Professional Conduct

Maintain high ethical standards and professional conduct. The entertainment industry is built on relationships and trust. Bolno’s reputation as a trusted manager is rooted in his commitment to ethical practices.

10. Persistence and Resilience

Persistence and resilience are vital traits in the competitive entertainment landscape. Learn from setbacks, adapt to challenges, and persist in pursuing your goals. Bolno’s career journey reflects resilience in the face of industry challenges.


Becoming an entertainment business manager akin to David Bolno requires a blend of education, experience, interpersonal skills, and a commitment to ongoing growth. By following these guidelines and remaining dedicated to your craft, you can embark on a fulfilling journey towards a career in entertainment business management, inspired by the successes of industry leaders like David Bolno.


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