Car Accident Claims: Handling Talks with the Insurance Company

Car Accident Claims: Handling Talks with the Insurance Company

After an insurance company finds out about a car accident that involves one of its policyholders, it will contact the victim immediately. This lets the insurer underpay the claim as the victim could do or say something that can compromise their claim. So, if you are a car accident victim, you should consult with a reliable car accident attorney from Delventhal Law Office, LLC before you speak with a representative from the insurance company. The attorney can help you understand your legal options and rights, ensuring you make informed decisions regarding your claim. 

Is It a Requirement to Speak with an Insurer?

You are not legally obliged to talk to the insurance company of the driver responsible for the accident. While the insurer knows this, it will get you to speak with its representative. This is the reason you must know what exactly to say when they contact you.

What to Say to the Insurance Adjuster

When you talk to an insurance adjuster assigned to handle your claim, keep in mind that whatever you say can be used against you. Thus, you must refer them to your lawyer. if you don’t have one, ensure you don’t accept fault, either directly or indirectly. Also, just stick to the basics of the claim and not go into the specific details regarding your injuries. Refuse to sign any documents from the and don’t give contact information for possible witnesses. Only discuss your injuries with the physician who treats you and your attorney. 

Handling Requests for a Recorded Statement

During your talk with the adjuster, you may be asked to provide them with a recorded statement. You have the right to deny this request. The insurance adjuster will only look for anything in your statements that they can be used against you and your claim. Make sure to stick only to the facts and not elaborate on unnecessary details. 

What to Do If the Insurer Makes a Settlement Offer

Often, the insurance company will make a lowball settlement offer, which does not cover your damages’ full extent. Thus, you should not accept this initial offer. It is often best to have your attorney handle settlement negotiations with an insurance company to make sure you end up with fair compensation. Your attorney will take into account all of your losses, the impact of your injuries on your life today and in the future, and your ability to work after the injury when determining the value of your claim or the amount to demand from the insurance company.


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