How To Make Your Office Move Process Easy

How To Make Your Office Move Process Easy

It is just as difficult to move to a new office space as to move to a home. Large, heavy furniture and electronics can be difficult to pack. There are likely many shelves and closets full of books and files that you need to pack.

You don’t have the time or patience to do it all. No matter how big or small your company is, moving an office can be a difficult task. We can provide you with the best and most affordable service for shipping furniture across Canada.


Start planning

When it comes to moving into new office space, there is no way to “wing it”. It is important to plan, and delegate who will do what, how, when, and whereabouts. You might end up scrambling last-minute, which can lead to you being in a hurry.

No one wants to spend all night at the office trying to put staplers in a box, or figure out how to ship a dozen printers. You’ll need to plan how you will get everything set up for moving day.

According to the Belleville movers specialist, You will need at least three months to plan and organize your office move and get it ready for the start. Don’t forget about your budget.


Make sure you do your research to find out the best moving company.

As an office move can be too complicated to handle on your own, we recommend getting quotes from professional movers. You should consider hiring a full-service company if you have the money.


Everyone should be responsible for packing their desks

Even though you might have a moving servicethat can handle the bulk of your stuff, it is still helpful if each person takes responsibility for their desk space.

You should inform your staff when they need to pack their desks. Encourage them to start packing early, and not to wait until the last minute. Your team may need to allow your team to take a few hours off before you move in order to put their desks in order.


Place a change in address orders

It is better to update documents with your new address as soon as possible. So place your orders now for business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and return labels.

Just once you have the address, update your customers. You should also update your customers, especially if you receive mail on a regular schedule.

It is better to have all the most current documents available before you move into your space than to lose them for days or even weeks.


Before you move, gather your team

You can ask for volunteers or designate someone from each department to help you coordinate office moves that are medium- to large.

The supervisor or department manager could be assigned the responsibility. This will ensure that all employees are responsible for packing their personal and desk items. You can also do it yourself for smaller offices. You can also work alone if you have a small office.


Regular meetings

Regular meetings should be held to ensure that employees are informed and fully understand what they need to do in order to pack up their workplace.

To limit worries and concerns, it is essential to inform everyone. It can be stressful for all involved, especially if decisions don’t get communicated.

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