How to Draw A Scary Clown

How to Draw A Scary Clown

How to Draw A Scary Clown. Clowns are a source of joy and entertainment for many people. Typically found in circuses, carnivals, and birthday parties, they will delight audiences with tricks and humor.

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However, some people find them quite scary, and characters like Stephen King’s Pennywise the Clown have only helped make scary clowns more popular.

If you love (or are afraid of) these scary painted jesters, then learning to draw a scary clown should be loads of fun!

If you are one of those who are afraid of clowns, at least it will provide some spooky creative fun that would be perfect for Halloween!

How to Draw A Scary Clown

Step 1

To get started with this tutorial on how to draw a scary clown, let’s start with his scary face.

His face will have a large smiling mouth, and his upper lip will be quite thick with a row of pointed teeth on the top of his mouth.

Then you can draw a rounded shape for her nose before adding her eyes. The eyes are drawn as two ovals with arched eyebrows above them to give them a more sinister expression.

Finally, finish outlining the top and back of her head before adding a wisp of hair from behind her head.

Step 2

We’ll complete the details for his mouth and face and draw his ruffled collar in this part of your scary clown drawing.

First, we’ll add another set of sharp, shark-like teeth at the bottom of its mouth.

For the collar, we will use two curvy lines to create both layers of the collar, and then there will be some line detail and trimming all over the edge.

Once you have this collar, as in our reference image, you can proceed to step 3.

Step 3

For this third step of our tutorial on how to draw a scary clown, let’s start by drawing this clown’s arms and legs.

Use some curved lines to create his long, lean arms that stick out at the sides, then add rows of stripes along them.

Next, add more curved lines for her chest and add some suspenders along with a flower for her chest. Streaks will also crisscross this area.

Finally, we draw the beginning of his pants, and they are drawn to look a bit too big for him.

Step 4

Let’s start putting the finishing touches on this scary clown drawing! First, use a few more curved lines to refine the contours of his baggy pants that reach down to his feet.

We will add her shoes in the next step, so don’t worry about the gaps.

Once we’ve finished the pants and added the piping details, we can add his hands. The left hand has long, sharp fingers, almost like a claw.

Small jagged lines on each finger make it look like her fingers are popping out of her gloves.

The right hand is closed in a fist holding a knife for a little extra fear.

Then we can move on to the finishing touches and details in the next step.

Step 5

Before we add some color to your picture. Let’s finish the last little details in this step of our guide on drawing a scary clown.

Draw A Scary Clown

You even have the option to add some elements of your own!

For now, let’s focus on drawing her shoes. These can still be drawn with rounded lines and are quite long and thin to give them an oversized look.

Once these shoes are complete, feel free to add some personal touches! It might be fun to draw an interesting background for the picture, and a spooky carnival backdrop might be a good choice.

Step 6

To finish this scary clown drawing, we’re going to finish with some colors. We used many colors that could be quite bright and vibrant in other circumstances. We used a few more muted shades of those colors to give the ghostly feel.

Scary Clown Drawing

You can go for an equally muted look or keep the colors bright and cheerful to add humor to the image!

If you want more muted tones, watercolors or colored pencils are good choices.

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Your Scary Clown Drawing is Finished!


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