Effective types of displays used in retail

Effective types of displays used in retail

You may think the products may sell immediately, but that is not true. The clever merchandise at the store makes a difference in sitting on the shelf and leaving your door. 

Different types of displays for a retail store fit best in different spaces. From format graphics to special shelving, here are the effective types of displays used at retail stores. 

  • Freestanding displays

Freestanding displays are used in highly trafficked areas. These displays are considered shoulder height, often higher, which easily attracts customers. In addition, these displays are moved easily around and updated rapidly. 

  • Entryway displays 

Displays in front of retail stores are good for displaying the products for current sale or bargaining. During these occasions or events, entryway displays are good to use to showcase the products on occasions or seasonal necessities. 

Place such items in front of retail stores show the products more closely to customers, as they believe that they get the best deals in this way. 

  • Display case

Displays cases are more commonly used in department stores. The best example of where the display case is used most is store jewelry corner. These displays permit the customers to look at high-priced products that do not necessarily open out. 

It is a method to keep stock away from the public but still display all offers. Display cases are a good option for electronic products, along with some types of sporting tools. 

  • End cap

This type of display is a good way to use the end of the aisle in a retail store. End caps draw the customers into the aisle also. They are good for displays of sale merchandise as people need to walk by them to get into the aisle.

Many stores of big names use end caps displays to show clear products while making space for new products. 

  • Banner display

Banner displays are a good way to advertise the products without having multiple products actually on the sales floor. Instead, banner displays are used to highlight the products.

It will help to add a more enhanced look to older products at a retail store without putting a cost on it. In addition, it is easy to move banners around the store and make them long-lasting. 

  • Window display

Window displays are an important type of display that any store must have. These displays are able to help stores to keep their existing customers satisfied and connected. 

Any kind of large window display helps the retail store to advertise the current sales or help them to build their brand in customer mind. 

  • Display table

Displays tables are the most commonly used display in retail stores to fold products. It lets the customers choose and handle the product. These displays are effective for products like accessories, watches, jewelry, and purses. 


All these displays are made dynamically by the use of large display signage. Once you understand the different types of displays used in retail stores, you can easily start the design of your perfect store layout.


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