Dry Fruits for Weight Loss: What to Know?

Most of the ordinary diets you make come across, do underestimate the importance of dried fruits for the weight loss because of their high level of calorie input. However, their perks are obvious as they are absolutely nutritious and can keep you full for a proper long time. 

You should know that dry fruits for weight loss are amazing. Once you include them in your day today food intake, you would see the results for yourself. This post will tell you about a few of such dry fruits.


Dates are going to provide you with the longest repletion. It is even rich with vitamin B5 that will increase your overall endurance. With 282 kcal per each one hundred g of the product, it is going to be a good snack for the ones who really want to prevent overeating and one of the most advantageous dried fruits for weight loss.

Dried Apricots

Well, dried apricots can simply still your hunger for up to five hours. These are also even rich in calcium, magnesium, and even potassium. 100 g of the product includes only 200 kcal that makes it one of the finest possible dried fruits for weight loss.


Well, dried plums (or even known as prunes) include a lot of dietary fibres that enhance intestinal peristalsis that is the process that helps your body get rid of waste and even toxins, endorsing weight loss. One hundred g of the product include somewhat 240 kcal. This way, you can be sure that while you consume it work for your better health and weight loss too.


Now these cashews are a wonderful choice for weight loss as they are absolutely rich in protein and dietary fibre, making you absolutely full for longer time. One hundred g of the product contain five hundred fifty three kcal and can offer you with one third of your regular -recommended iron intake and even one fifth of vitamin B6. This way, you can be sure that you are eating something delicious and at the same time helping yourself losing weight.


Pistachios are highly nutritious, even including considerable number of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, iron, magnesium etc. 100 g of the product contains more than 562 kcal, and nearly half a cup of pistachios (~170 kcal) is going to become a nutritious, scrumptious snack. You can be sure that you get both taste and even health. 


Now, you may know about raisins or even known as kishmish. These are one of the most popular and amazing dried products for weight loss. Containing iodine, they simply are a wonderful snack preference for low salt diets. One hundred g of the product includes two hundred ninety nine kcal and just zero point five g of fat. Yes, you heard it right, it works that way.


To sum up, whenever you get those pangs of hungers, just consume weight loss dry fruits and ensure that you get the perfect outcomes. You would experience a drop in your weight for sure. After all, rather than simply consuming something junk, just eat a few pieces of these nuts and you are all set!


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