Can Social Media replace Traditional Media?

Can Social Media replace Traditional Media?

Traditional media and social media are two sides of the same coin. Both of these things are clubbed under one category but have different utilities. We will try to cover this topic, in brief, can social media replace traditional media?

The matter of the complete erasure of traditional media is quite unpredictable, but definitely, due to the growth of social media, its market share can reduce insignificantly.

Social media is widely disseminated among people from all age groups. But youngsters especially, prefer to use social media to get all the updates and news.

The reason behind this is that watching traditional media can be tedious as it keeps on streaming the same news again and again. Whereas on social media platforms you can read the news or watch a news video based on your own choice and preference.

It totally depends on your perspective and how you look at things, some people are highly disciplined and they just want a laconic read of news and events happening around so they choose social media for that.

We can make the best use of social media when both of these are used in tandem.

Traditional media has a higher authority as compared to social media and hence it is a good choice to cover critical topics and such things that have the possibility of arousing a feeling of contempt and disregard for others.

Traditional media can never completely replace social media, but it can impact the use of both these mediums.

If we talk about the transition in the usage of media, it can be well observed that earlier, people used to buy newspapers, and magazines, and listen to radio programs on radio and television. But these days there is a shift from traditional newspapers to digital newspapers or e-papers.

Social Media Vs Traditional Media:

Right off the bat, we would like to make it very clear that traditional media doesn’t mean non-digital media. Rather it is differentiate on the basis of its use. Social media provides the utility of immediacy, wider audience, and reach. Whereas traditional media is more authentic and reliable.

So that is why one opinion can come out that social media can never replace traditional media. Let us have a look at the comparison between the two modes of information gathering and try to figure out can social media replace traditional media.

Audience & Reach:

Traditional media provides this utility of reaching a wider audience, whereas digital media can reach a


When it comes to interactivity, traditional media loses ground as it is less interactive compare to the latter. Social media gives its user a better edge to interact with the posts and by responding in the news feeds.

Social media allows its users to interact with the posts by leaving a comment below and giving their opinions and suggestions about various burning issues that are often circulate on social media.


When we look out to social media for news and updates about what is going on at national and international levels, the major concern is the authenticity of the information that has been circulate.

Moreover, in the past few years, it has been seen that the proliferation of fake news has increase, which can lead to conflicts and chaos within a nation or among different nations.

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When it comes to flexibility, social media takes pride in itself by being more flexible than print media. On social media platforms, pieces of information and news can be update and altere as per need in-the -nick-of time.

It is comparatively easy to update social media posts than update print media, which is a very cumbersome process.


In conclusion, I would like to leave it to the audience to decide whether social media can replace traditional media or not. The opinion about the two forms of media may depend on person-to-person, but in general traditional media and social media will go simultaneously to provide more flexibility and options for the readers.

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