A Brief Overview Of An Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

Technology has been helpful to society and businesses since its existence. With its advancements, it has helped to increase safety & security, enhance business operations, and facilitate living a comfortable and convenient life. An automatic number plate recognition system or ANPR system is one of the most valuable technology solutions. Here, have a look at all associated points in brief:

What is an automated number plate recognition system? 

Automated number plate recognition is the full form of ANPR. an ANPR system is a computer vision-based system that reads the number plates attached to vehicles without the involvement of human resources. It has also other names that are as follows:

  • ALPR – Automatic Licence Plate Recognition
  • AVI – Automatic Vehicle Identification
  • LPR – Licence Plate Recognition
  • CPR – Car Plate Recognition

The purpose of this system is vehicle monitoring. It detects and reads the number plates of moving vehicles through image processing techniques and provides highly accurate information.    

What is the working process of an ANPR system?

This system pattern recognition technology and particular algorithms for the detection of vehicles. Its work process can be divided into four steps:

  • Image capturing – With the use of surveillance cameras, images or videos of moving vehicles takes place.  
  • Detection of number plates – Algorithms have a proper direction for the analysis of high-contrast areas to find licence plates. The system translates the clicked images into grey-scale images. Noise removal happens. And rest work is done in the next step.
  • Character segmentation – It is a gateway for the right results. Algorithms use neural networks for data segmentation that happens in two ways – horizontal segmentation and vertical segmentation. The placement of numbers helps in deciding the way of character segmentation.   
  • Character recognition – With the use of software, character recognition is done from segmented images. Bitmap representations facilitate data transformation. Through transformation, data is made available in a readable format.   

Why do you need automatic number plate recognition systems?

ANPR systems produce smarter solutions for vehicle surveillance. This helps ease the primary concerns of security and safety. With it, authorities save time and expense on human resources and eliminate human error. You need this system for:  

  • Faster traffic management
  • Improved parking management
  • Better prevention of crimes like car thefts and security 
  • Better evidence and inquiry lines 
  • Automation of access control systems
  • Modern and effective law enforcement

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Features of automated number plate recognition systems

Like other technology solutions, this system has unique features. Some of the notable features are as follows:

  • Automated surveillance 
  • Real-time detection and translation of number plates of vehicles 
  • Automated surveillance for 24/7 
  • Higher accuracy at the speed of 40 km/h
  • Auto alerts on suspicious vehicles 
  • Assurance of data security, integrity, and confidentiality 
  • Category management 
  • Higher accuracy during the day and night  
  • Easy integration with access control system 
  • Advanced search options 
  • Report generation module 
  • Recognition of dirty or damaged number plates 

Uses of ANPR systems 

ANPR systems provide the effective flow of traffic, vehicle verification, support of traffic law enforcement, and allied others. Authorities can use this system for 

  • Parking management 
  • Tolling 
  • Vehicle lane management 


ANPR systems are highly useful. After its installation and use, there will be a stop to crimes like vehicle theft. It will facilitate traffic and parking management. It will facilitate the implementation of traffic rules & regulations.


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