7 Things To Consider Before Selecting A Primary School For Your Child In Singapore

7 Things To Consider Before Selecting A Primary School For Your Child In Singapore

Selecting a primary school for young learners is the first step toward their future. And given the abundance of primary schools in Singapore, it is challenging for parents searching for a private primary school. 

Parents often search for a nurturing educational environment for their young learners. It’s the parent’s duty to meet young learners’ educational requirements because young learners learn and thrive at their own pace.

When choosing a primary school, there are many things parents need to consider. Keep reading below to learn more about the essential factors for primary education in Singapore. 

Top Factors to Consider Consider Before Choosing a Primary School for Your Child

Below are some crucial factors parents must consider before finalising young learners’ private primary school in Singapore

1. School’s Proximity to Your Home

Choosing a primary school near your residence is what other you should recommend. It offers many advantages to parents, such as:

  • Saving funds on an extended commute
  • Getting rid of all the traffic congestion
  • Not having additional exertion 
  • Children can come home on their own

2. Amenable Learning Environment and School Culture

While many parents and guardians select a primary school that remains attached to their religious or cultural practices, others wish to admit their kids to a school with a global ambience. When choosing a primary school for young learners, remember to consider the school’s culture and learning environment. 

3. Consider Your Child’s Interests

Keep your child’s interests in mind when choosing a primary school, as these interests give them a fresh perspective and bring a passion for learning. So be it sports, academics, arts, or other extracurricular activities, parents should choose a school that can help young learners polish their skills and interest and help them bring out their full potential.

4. Schools Catering To Special Educational Needs

For young learners with unique educational requirements, choosing a primary school that adequately fulfils all their requirements is essential. And many mainstream private primary schools in Singapore offer strong support for special education programs.

5. Amenities at School

Young learners are exceptionally tech-savvy, and with technology entering every aspect of human life, it is no wonder it would be a future of education too. So when choosing a primary school for your child, look for educational institutes that embrace a balanced path to teaching by blending conventional methods with a contemporary technology-based pedagogy.

6. Secondary School Affiliation

Even when secondary school affiliation might look like a long-term event to parents, it is still essential to consider. This will save you from the hassle of going through the admission process again and again. 

7. Availability of Care Facilities

Working parents should check whether the educational institute offers after-school care services. This facility will give you the much-required relief as the caregivers can look after young learners and provide them with a secure and relaxed place while you’re out to work.


In a nutshell, primary schools play a fundamental part in your child’s life, and choosing the best for them can help them grow holistically in every aspect. So before choosing a primary school for young learners, you must consider all the factors mentioned in the article above that can help give your child a warm and loving learning environment.


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