7 Secrets for Creating a Successful Kitchen Layout

7 Secrets for Creating a Successful Kitchen Layout

Kitchens come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts, but a successful layout of a kitchen has a few things in common. Numerous crucial elements can help you to design the most effective kitchen of your desire, whether you’re planning a U-Shape kitchen, peninsula, or island. Here, you’ll learn to add stylish storage, incorporate colorful accessories, and can even use paint to create a successful layout for your kitchen.

You can use our 7 secret tips to create a kitchen you love to cook in and spend most of your time therein enjoying making new dishes. 

Tip#1: Install a Showstopping Backsplash

Your old kitchen look can go glam with stainless steel tiles with an eye-catching backsplash behind the range to make every tiny portion of your kitchen adds drama and personality. 

Tip#2: Utilize Additional Storage

A rolling storage cart or narrow shelf can be a practical and stylish solution if you have a small kitchen. You can choose a low-profile design that can easily slide against a corner or into a wall. Stock it with glassware, dishes, and other beautiful items that look great on display.


Tip#3: Try Patterned Decals

You can also add some patterns with stick-on decals to a plain backsplash. This is one of the easiest tips to apply and mimics the expensive look of patterned tile. In addition, you can swap out these decals anytime you need to change the look of your kitchen inexpensively and quickly. 

Tip#4: Choose Art with Personality

Step up with the standards of your kitchen look and choose the unique wall art piece that helps to showcase your personality. Classic advertisement, vintage signs, and other artwork that intends to make your kitchen feel more stunning in appeal.

Try choosing a wall art that suits your kitchen decorating style, whether you prefer a classic, modern, or vintage look. 

Tip#5: Add Stylish Light Fixtures

Beyond countertops and cabinets, overhead lighting with unique or patterned drum shades and pendants is a great idea to design a stylish kitchen. You can make your kitchen feels sophisticated and distinctive by choosing attractive light fixtures. 

Tip#6: Choose Bold Textiles

Try establishing a focal point of your kitchen with a colorful kitchen window treatment. For instance, you can draw attention to the windows by delivering another layer of color amid the concrete countertops and blue-gray cabinets.

In addition, a polished copper pendant will contribute extra style and shine. 

Tip#7: Add an Area Rug

You can fill the open floor space of your kitchen with the large area rug that injects a happy dose of different colors and patterns without taking up any counter or wall space. A bold design red and blue rug can help to make an impactful statement in a kitchen. 


Like any other room of your home, your kitchen paintings art  also plays a major role in decorating your home. You can try opting for open shelves at one end of the kitchen to display pretty dishware, leaning frames or can showcase a mix of wood and metal tones items to hang on your kitchen walls to double your kitchen décor. Cehck some of the paintings online at  Canvas Art Paintings .


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