10 Gorgeous Girls’ Bedroom Design That Is Refreshingly Not Pink

10 Gorgeous Girls’ Bedroom Design That Is Refreshingly Not Pink

From baby showers to their apparel, pink is only meant to be the color for girls. However, when it comes to designing the room of your little princess, using too much of it can make the room appears like a cotton candy factory!

You can give a different look to your princess bedroom with the bright pop of colors and pretty pastels with our inspirational lookbook for the girl’s room design and style that aren’t pink.

  1. Warm Tones of Orange

Orange is an earthy and warm color and even brings a cheerful mood to the girl’s room design. Unlike red, the combination of orange and white makes the room look vibrant while splashing all over.

You can also add an Aztec-printed rug with pretty cushions to create warmth and comfort.

  1. Hues of Teal Blue

If your daughter has a creative soul, the colorful bricks can be a great option to add vibrancy to the room. The neon musical note help to enhance the dipped wall into teal blue.

Also, give an efficient space utilization with a pull-out bed that helps your kids enjoy the nights with their besties having fancy sleepovers.

  1. Floral Fantasies

Try opting for a vintage look with some floral bedroom designs for your Barbie doll. You can simply add floral wallpaper, velvet button-tufted headboards, and some lacy curtains to create a retro theme.

Creating an accent wall with floral wallpaper, white furniture, and French windows will offer the optimum feminine touch to the bedroom.

  1. Simple Elegance

Creating a minimalist bedroom can be defined by mellow colors, clean lines, and simplicity. This will make your baby girl’s room clutter-free yet elegant and simple by painting dual-color walls with some neutral colors.

You can even include some wooden furniture to add a more rustic vibe. Moreover, a hexagonal rug, a classic art, and pendant lighting complement the rest of the space.

  1. Bring Some Nature to the Room

There is some adventure and nature in every girl. Keeping this thing in mind, you can try creating a scene out of Madagascar – with yellows, browns, and green. You can even go funky with some abstract wall art of wildlife, wooden flooring, and jungle-themed curtains.

Additionally, a bottle-paneled green headboard attached to the wall with yellow pendant light simply captures the eyes.

  1. A Multicolored Fiesta

A multicolored room works bests for girls who are a bit indecisive. You can simply indulge in as many colors as you want for your daughter’s room wall, lighting, and décor.

But remember to choose complementary colors which easily balance the room and can’t appear look overwhelming.


The use of complementary colors and textures is quite breathtaking. Instead of choosing pink all around, simply add a little touch of it to make the room looks beautiful and cozy by choosing painting online at  canvas art paintings The paintings in the kids room will also add a touch of elegance. While the wooden bedside table helps to store their nighttime essentials. Moreover, a cozy cloth or jute swing in the corner completes the overall look.


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